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Продажа: дома и участки купля-продажа, квартиры и комнаты купля-продажа, коммерческая купля-продажа

Аренда: дома аренда, квартиры и комнаты аренда, коммерческая аренда

Услуги: инвестиции в недвижимость, консалтинг на рынке недвижимости, консультации, управление объектами, юридическое сопровождение сделок

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We are a new and innovative real estate agent offering a friendly and flexible approach to buying and selling property. We offer total commitment to our clients and endeavor to make every transaction as easy as possible from start to finish. We have a truly global reach offering our services in English, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian. Having had a very successful first year we have now formed a partnership with a very successful American property and construction company and are now opening our second office in Lisbon to cope with the new work load. We are involved in every area of property from renting to selling and construction from ground up and total restorations. We have the staff and products to solve all your needs so if you need a 50euro parking space or a100million euro country estate we are here to help you.

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